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Геннадий Ягупов

Hi! I'm Gennady Yagupov,

SMM Manager

For more than 7 years, I've been developing complex SMM projects. Thanks to my knowledge and experience, I can help you fully work through the concept of your accounts and increase the awareness of your business or personal brand on the Internet
Marketing in social networks, if well-managed, can become a critical tool for building audience trust and increasing the quality of engagement in communication with the brand
Геннадий Ягупов

Do You Know That

Among the American audience of social networks and messengers, almost one in three (29%) spends more than three hours a day on them (72% of 18—24-year-olds), 16% spend two to three hours, 25% spend one to two hours a day, 19% spend half an hour, and 9% spend less than half an hour

What Does an SMM Manager Gennady Yagupov Do?

Works with Different Social Networks

There's a great variety of social media out : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Telegram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
Understands Social Networking Algorithms

The desire to catch different patterns is a must for an SMM manager to find successful solutions to increase the organic reach of the audience.
Writes, Edits, and Works with Text

For some social networks or publication formats, you need to be succinct. Sometimes the success or failure of a post depends not only on a well-chosen image but also on the caption.
Sense of Composition and Design Thinking

An SMM manager constantly works with photos and videos. A lot depends on their quality because a picture, first of all, attracts the user attention in social networks.

What's More...

The professional skills of an SMM specialist cover quite a wide range — they need the right combination of technical and humanitarian abilities

What Tasks Do SMM Tools

and Tactics solve?

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Popularity Growth

Allows you to look at the processes in a new way
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Increasing Brand Credibility

The task of retaining the current customer base and increasing loyalty
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Increasing LTV

Long-term engaging communication and prompt resolution of problems at a convenient place increases the chances of client retention
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HR Brand Development

Well-thought-out social networks increase employee engagement in the life of the company and the value of the employer's offer to new candidates
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Increased Purchase Frequency

Regular interaction with the brand increases the frequency of visits
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Growth of Total Company Income

Social media promotion provides sales and lead generation in all communication channels (website, offline stores, etc.)
Gennady Yagupov
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Solving the above tasks is only possible if you work comprehensively on social media. Every element counts, from the right strategy to timely responses in comments - Gennady Yagupov.


Selling Bouquets and Floristry Workshops on Instagram

With the help of content development, feedback gathering, mass-following, and targeted advertising, the following results were achieved: 15 requests for workshops, 5 regular customers, 850 new subscribers.

Selling Yoga Instructor Services on Instagram

More than 90,000 new subscribers in 9 months of work were the result of consistent work on the account. Tools: targeted advertising, blogger advertising, giveaways, and online courses.

Seafood Restaurant Promotion

The basis of this case was a funny test called "Find out what kind of crab you are". Along with the results of the test, subscribers were given a glass of champagne. You could get it in the restaurant by showing the screenshot. The result: 845 new subscribers in one week.

Spa Center Promotion and New Client Attraction

In this case, we used contextual advertising in Ads Google. For 4 months of work with contextual advertising, revenue from the clients was $6,100, with an average monthly advertising budget of $300.
Pricing Plans

— Analytics and strategy development;
— Community design;
— Creating 20 posts;
— Optimizing posts for one other social network;
— Administration;
— Reporting.


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— Analytics and strategy development;
— Community design;
— Creating 25 posts;
— Optimizing posts for two other social networks;
— Administration;
— Reporting.


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— Analytics and strategy development;
— Community design;
— Creating 30 posts;
— Optimizing posts for three other social networks;
— Seeding content on thematic sites;
— Administration;
— Reporting.


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